The World's Leading Financial Futurist

Jason Schenker is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute and the President of Prestige Economics. Bloomberg News has ranked Jason the #1 forecaster in the world in 24 different categories, which is why executives, corporate boards, industry groups, and central banks rely on his financial market research. Jason has also written seven books, including three about disruptive emerging technologies.

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Ep 37 – The Financial Futurist: Equity Markets, Inflation, Jobs, The Fed, and Online Education

In this episode of The Financial Futurist, Jason Schenker provides an update on the equity markets and inflation and how that impacts the Fed. Then, he discusses the importance of online education and how it can benefit you in the future.


Ep 36 - The Financial Futurist: U.S. Economy, Jobs, PMIs, The Fed, Innovation, Technology

In this episode of The Financial Futurist, Jason Schenker provides an update on the U.S. economy and previews the upcoming economic data releases. Then, he discusses the importance of innovation and technology across a variety of industries.


Ep 35 - The Financial Futurist: The Future of Energy, Oil Prices, The Euro, and Robots

In this episode of The Financial Futurist, Jason Schenker provides an update on the global economy and previews the European Central Bank Meeting this week. Then, he discusses Bitcoin and how regulations could affect the digital currency.


The Euro's Surprises May Just Be Getting Started

The realities of a strong economy will put pressure on the ECB to start mapping out an exit strategy from its ultra-accommodative measures.


IMF Outlook Adds to the Allure of Oil and Metals

Commodity-focused nations are likely to benefit significantly from a global economy that appears to be firing on all cylinders.


Gold's Headwinds Are Getting Stronger

Once the Republican tax cuts are signed into law, there is likely to be more upside for equities and further downside risk for the precious metal.


Maximize Your Benefits from Tax Reform: Actions to Take by 31 Dec 2017

In the wake of the recent tax bill that has been passed, it is important to consider your own personal tax implications.


Inflation is rising. What will the Fed do?

As the Fed prepares to meet today, the job market is in good shape. And inflation has risen, but remains relatively low.


Robots Win and People Lose with More Government Debt

Futurists could debate all day long about the number of jobs robots and automation will create, versus the number of jobs they will destroy.


OPEC Oil Market Insight with Top Oil Forecaster Jason Schenker

Top-Ranked Economist and Financial Futurist, Jason Schenker, speaks in an interview as part of the Oil Market insight Report with Eithne Treanor in Vienna, Austria - November 2017


OPEC Meeting Preview from Prestige Economics

Global growth and oil demand have strengthened. Meanwhile, oil inventories have fallen toward the five-year average. What does this mean for OPEC and oil prices?