The World's Leading Financial Futurist

Jason Schenker is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute and the President of Prestige Economics. He has written two-dozen books on emerging technologies, business strategy, finance, and the economy. Bloomberg News has ranked Jason the #1 forecaster in the world in 25 different categories, which is why executives, corporate boards, industry groups, and central banks rely on his financial market research.

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Disruption 2020: Economic, Political, and Technological Outlook

This presentation includes a discussion of the economic and financial market risks in the year ahead.

Economic and Financial Market Outlook

This presentation includes a discussion of economic and financial market outlook, as well as the outlook for jobs, growth, central bank policy, financial market risks, currency rates, interest rates, and commodity prices.

Economic and Financial Markets in an Election Year

In this presentation, Jason Schenker, one of the top economic and financial forecasters in the world, shares his nonpartisan analysis on the importance of Presidential and Congressional elections for financial markets and the economy.

Town Hall LA

Robots and artificial intelligence are hot topics today. Last summer, Jason gave our Town Hall Los Angeles members informative, insightful glimpses from his new book, Jobs for Robots - Between Robocal… Read More ›


Jason spoke for NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence at our conference The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2017 (panel Terminator Meets Asimov – The Impact of Robotisation on our Freedom and Soci… Read More ›


Jason Schenker frequently speaks at our trade association (ISRI) events and is always one of our most popular speakers. Jason's outstanding presentation skills, prescient forecasts, and ability to con… Read More ›


OPEC Oil Market Insight with Top Oil Forecaster Jason Schenker

Top-Ranked Economist and Financial Futurist, Jason Schenker, speaks in an interview as part of the Oil Market insight Report with Eithne Treanor in Vienna, Austria - November 2017


OPEC Meeting Preview from Prestige Economics

Global growth and oil demand have strengthened. Meanwhile, oil inventories have fallen toward the five-year average. What does this mean for OPEC and oil prices?

Recession-Proof Strategies

You can't control when the next recession will hit—but that doesn't mean your career is at the mercy of the market. Economist Jason Schenker shares six key strategies that can help you manage your car… Read More ›

Economic Indicators Weekly

You may not know it, but economic indicators impact your life in a big way. They impact your job, they impact your company, and they impact your investments-including retirement savings. That's why it… Read More ›

Audit & Due Diligence Foundations

Audits are a critical part of finance, but they're not solely within the purview of CPAs. Audits and due diligence projects are supported by consultants, analysts, and finance professionals—and even b… Read More ›


With OPEC Meeting Done, Economy Set to Drive Oil

Oil demand is the most important driver of prices in the short term, and OPEC’s forecasts for demand in the year ahead are strong.


Potential for ECB Surprise Boosts Euro's Appeal

While the dollar could strengthen on expectations of more U.S. economic growth and tighter monetary policy, the euro zone is approaching escape velocity.


Gold's Headwinds Are Getting Stronger

Once the Republican tax cuts are signed into law, there is likely to be more upside for equities and further downside risk for the precious metal.


Follow Three Strategies to Become Robot-Proof

Like Hansel in the movie Zoolander, robots and automation are “so hot right now.” Books, articles, and television segments on automation, robotics, universal basic income, and the future of work are coming to dominate the Zeitgeist — the spirit of our time.


Robots Win and People Lose with More Government Debt

Futurists could debate all day long about the number of jobs robots and automation will create, versus the number of jobs they will destroy.


Inflation is rising. What will the Fed do?

As the Fed prepares to meet today, the job market is in good shape. And inflation has risen, but remains relatively low.