Jason spoke for NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence at our conference The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2017 (panel Terminator Meets Asimov – The Impact of Robotisation on our Freedom and Society). Jason Schenker is an economist and futurist who draws from range of fields. His reading of statistics offers educated insights about the future of work, which are often provocative but always entertaining.


Jason Schenker frequently speaks at our trade association (ISRI) events and is always one of our most popular speakers. Jason's outstanding presentation skills, prescient forecasts, and ability to connect the dots between what's happening in the global economy, the policy arena, commodity markets, manufacturing & technology and what it all means for our industry have been invaluable. I can't recommend Jason highly enough.


Jason Schenker is one of the best public speakers I know. During a recent invited talk to our Research and Development group at Walt Disney Imagineering, he spoke about robots, jobs and the economy. Based on his deep understanding of social, economic and technical developments and interdependencies, he is able to reveal jaw dropping insights that are relevant personally to each audience member, their present day lives and jobs, and offers actionable recommendations for future economic and job choices. He has an uncanny ability to explain complex processes and effects simply, clearly and in an entertaining fashion that leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait to savor the next presentation by Jason!

Town Hall LA

Robots and artificial intelligence are hot topics today. Last summer, Jason gave our Town Hall Los Angeles members informative, insightful glimpses from his new book, Jobs for Robots - Between Robocalypse and Robotopia. Jason tailored his presentation to the audience, mostly individuals and institutions from the private sector, and highlighted data and trends relevant to the greater Los Angeles region. Many attendees complimented Jason on his presentation's quality — everyone learned a lot, we laughed too, no one was bored!

Association of Financial Professionals

Jason Schenker knows the business world and knows what is important to them. His “Economic Outlook” session for our conference has become a staple of the event and much anticipated by the attendees. The information he provides is invaluable; he is astute, controversial, and accurate in his assessment and analysis of global situations and markets. Our attendees, who are treasury and finance professionals in the corporate world, find Jason and this session to be invaluable. His speaking scores are always some of the highest among the over 400 speakers at our conference. In our world, Jason Schenker is a rock star!