U.S. Air Force

Jason Schenker is--hands down--one of today's most insightful, prescient, and compelling global thought leaders. His keen intellect, coupled with a unique ability to synthesize complicated economic and geopolitical issues into easily relatable talking points, makes him a stand out in every way.

Jason delivered high powered guest lectures at National Intelligence University, (the US intelligence community's academic arm) and for my Foreign Service Institute class of diplomats. He gave these important audiences rare insights and perspectives on the global economy, energy crises, and the geopolitical consequences of what may become "Cold War Two." My students all raved about Jason's lecture, giving him the highest marks of any invited guest speaker to the class. Likewise, the invited faculty and academic leadership at NIU praised his analytic mind and powerful delivery.

I have personally worked with Jason on several additional projects, including publishing the Pentagon's 2020 Global Futures Report, where he authored a chapter on global supply chain vulnerability. I always come away learning something new, unique, and insightful during every conversation that I have with Jason and he has taught me a great deal about the interconnectivity between markets and geopolitics. More importantly, he is a down-to-earth, approachable, and empathetic leader with exceptional strategic communication skills.

If you're looking for a brilliant keynote speaker that will truly "wow" the most demanding global audience, look no further than Jason!


I had the pleasure of working with Jason on AICPA's ENGAGE which went digital for the first time this year. He came highly recommended and proved to be one of the most polished and professional speakers I have worked with. Jason delivers highly topical and relevant content in an extremely compelling and engaging way - which is not easy to do in the virtual world! I'm excited to see his live (in-person) performance in 2021 which will no doubt be even more powerful. Many thanks Jason, I look forward to working with you again soon.


Jason spoke for NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence at our conference The Riga StratCom Dialogue 2017 (panel Terminator Meets Asimov – The Impact of Robotisation on our Freedom and Society). Jason Schenker is an economist and futurist who draws from range of fields. His reading of statistics offers educated insights about the future of work, which are often provocative but always entertaining.


Jason Schenker is one of the best public speakers I know. During a recent invited talk to our Research and Development group at Walt Disney Imagineering, he spoke about robots, jobs and the economy. Based on his deep understanding of social, economic and technical developments and interdependencies, he is able to reveal jaw dropping insights that are relevant personally to each audience member, their present day lives and jobs, and offers actionable recommendations for future economic and job choices. He has an uncanny ability to explain complex processes and effects simply, clearly and in an entertaining fashion that leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait to savor the next presentation by Jason!


Well respected forecaster with valued opinions about the economy and commodity markets; the oil market in particular. I had the opportunity to interact with Jason when I was at OPEC. He does a superb job explaining the market perspective. He is a very active analyst and his reports and surveys about economic sentiment are essential to read. I especially recommend his analysis on commodity markets and market forces.

National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA)

Jason did a fantastic job tying in the issues of the day (from COVID-19 and the Presidential elections) to the longer-term issues of business positioning based on global demographics, economic expectations, and transitioning supply chains. He took a very technical subject matter and left our 600+ members laughing, better informed, and better positioned for the days ahead. Outstanding job. Thank you Jason!

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

It's rare that you come across a speaker who makes economics fun and exciting. I had the pleasure of working with Jason planning a 1-hour session for a leadership meeting. He was a pleasure to collaborate with on the session concept and content, and his professionalism and communication throughout the process was stellar. Jason's presentation to our leadership team "knocked it out of the park"! The material was relevant, he was engaging, funny, practical and demystified some common industry jargon. Jason's personality and presentation style is infectious and raised the energy in the room tenfold. If you are looking to have an engaged and excited audience, Jason is an excellent choice

Dome Technology

Jason did a great job speaking at the Rocky Mountain Dry Bulk Summit hosted by Dome Technology. His content was timely, relevant, and very helpful for the business executives in attendance.


Jason was our kick-off keynote for Drillinginfo's 2019 Energy Disruptors conference. He was terrific - incredibly knowledgeable! He spoke about energy, financial markets, and emerging technology trends, and it was a perfect set-up for the rest of the conference. We referenced back to Jason's themes and points during discussions the rest of the day.

In the post-survey results, event participants said Jason's talk was "excellent" and Jason "simply knew what he was talking about."

As an organizer, it was a pleasure working with Jason. He was flexible and worked with us to structure his topic according to our needs as the conference agenda shaped up, he shared one of his books with all the attendees, and he was responsive in all respects. I'd highly recommend Jason for your next event!

Alliance for Lifetime Income

Jason delivered a dynamic and highly entertaining speech to a crowd of over 50 financial industry experts, academics and media at a Retirement Security Summit hosted by the Alliance for Lifetime Income. Jason was a pleasure to work with, his remarks were thought-provoking and well-received, and he was both humorous and engaging during a lively Q&A session with the event's attendees. Thank you, Jason.


Jason Schenker frequently speaks at our trade association (ISRI) events and is always one of our most popular speakers. Jason's outstanding presentation skills, prescient forecasts, and ability to connect the dots between what's happening in the global economy, the policy arena, commodity markets, manufacturing & technology and what it all means for our industry have been invaluable. I can't recommend Jason highly enough.

Town Hall LA

Robots and artificial intelligence are hot topics today. Last summer, Jason gave our Town Hall Los Angeles members informative, insightful glimpses from his new book, Jobs for Robots - Between Robocalypse and Robotopia. Jason tailored his presentation to the audience, mostly individuals and institutions from the private sector, and highlighted data and trends relevant to the greater Los Angeles region. Many attendees complimented Jason on his presentation's quality — everyone learned a lot, we laughed too, no one was bored!

Association of Financial Professionals

Jason Schenker knows the business world and knows what is important to them. His “Economic Outlook” session for our conference has become a staple of the event and much anticipated by the attendees. The information he provides is invaluable; he is astute, controversial, and accurate in his assessment and analysis of global situations and markets. Our attendees, who are treasury and finance professionals in the corporate world, find Jason and this session to be invaluable. His speaking scores are always some of the highest among the over 400 speakers at our conference. In our world, Jason Schenker is a rock star!

Electronics Representatives Association (ERA)

The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) would like to acknowledge Jason Schenker, who recently joined us at our annual conference as a General Session speaker, and presented to an audience of almost 400 to share his wisdom and insight about “Our Disruptive Future Economy: An Economic, Financial, and Technology Outlook.”

The feedback from the audience about Jason’s presentation were all in agreement: Jason definitely exceeded our expectations. His program gave insight on the timely topic of planning for financial market volatility in the immediate term. Attendees enjoyed his practical view of the likely timing of new technologies changing the way we live and left them thinking about the economy and its multiple influences.

His presentation style was thoughtful, energetic and entertaining, which is not easily done with the subject matter. Jason has been able to figure out the way to bring economic forecasting and outlook down to an understandable level. He was very engaging and did an amazing job presenting a lot of information

I would recommend Jason to any professional group seeking to educate its members on how the future of the economy, markets and technology impact people’s professional, personal and investing lives. He was a pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation inviting Jason back to speak at another ERA Conference.el


Jason came to Toledo to speak to our local YPO chapter. He absolutely killed it. He taught us about crypto currency and it’s dangers and opportunities. The members genuinely loved his energy and message. I would highly recommend Jason!!!

Filter Manufacturers Council

The best way I have found to gauge speaker quality is to monitor the number of people on their phones during a presentation. Jason is the only speaker we have had at the Filter Manufacturers Council where I did not see a single person glance at their device. He is consistently the highest rated and most requested speaker at FMC events.

Jason has presented several times on industry specific topics as well as on more general financial and political content. He has also worked on research projects for the FMC to help us understand more about what we can expect in our industry years down the road. I highly recommend Jason as a speaker and as an advisor.

CME Group

Jason is a knowledgeable, engaging, and charismatic professional who has an uncanny ability to connect with an audience and deliver insightful messages. While presenting alongside Jason at a conference in 2018, the breadth of his knowledge quickly became clear to everyone in the room as he described various key factors impacting the copper market. His message was clear, his views were forthright, and his delivery was engaging.

N.C. State University - Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

Jason is a very insightful forecaster who can make economics enjoyable and fascinating when faced with a large crowd. He has unique insights into global trade that are unsurpassed!

Baker Hughes

I had an opportunity to work with Jason Schenker when I was running market research team. He did an excellent job of explaining market direction and helped us create our perspective. He is a very hardworking researcher and was always available when we needed him. He was also running quarterly surveys, and so he was measuring the sentiment of the market in the short term. I strongly recommend his work to any executive who wants to gain a perspective on the market and understand market forces.

RegO Products

As a user of Prestige's services for over five years, I have consistently found the research, information and commentary to be timely, insightful and directly relatable to our business. It is summarized at just the right level for our planning process. Additional, Jason is always available for more in-depth discussions or insights. The services provided by Prestige are an important part of our strategic and operational planning process.


Jason is one of the most intuitive, insightful and dynamic people in the energy forecasting space. He incorporates complex micro and macro variables and events to support his commodity price forecasting and his track record of success speaks for itself.


I have worked with Jason for over five years and am always impressed with his insight. Jason is a true economist, moving fluidly across subjects and industries, but always tying views back to the big picture. While his written pieces are top-notch, his speeches, podcasts, and office discussions truly set him apart from his peers. I highly recommend Jason and Prestige Economics.

Vistra Energy

Jason has been providing my company with valuable insights for several years. He serves in a sense as the "Chief Economist" keeping us up to date on global macroeconomic trends and how they tie to factors that effect our business. His financial forecasting is an important tool we use in considering our future portfolio strategies. Jason understands our business and helps paint a picture of the economy tailored specific to our companies needs. Jason's unique skills as a futurist also help to identify future trends that may impact our business whether it's fintech or advances in AI. I enjoy listening to his weekly podcast.

Tudor, Pickering, and Holt

Jason did a spectacular job for us as a featured speaker at an “Energy of the Future” type dinner. Jason is engaging, super smart, current, fun, and obviously a great thinker and strategist. We love working with him and consider him a HUGE FRIEND of the firm.