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Headlines and Trendlines for the Economy, Markets, and Technology Shaping the Decade Ahead

In this talk, Jason Schenker, President of Prestige Economics and Chairman of The Futurist Institute®, explores the challenges of current economic and financial market dynamics, as well as geopolitical topics.

Mr. Schenker's remarks will address the state of inflation, global debt, interest rates, equities, bond yields, oil and gas markets, industrial commodities, agricultural commodities, and foreign exchange markets. There will also be a discussion of the potential impacts of high interest rates on economic growth, business investment, and the labor market.

Mr. Schenker will discuss how Cold War Two® presents risks to financial markets and growth as well as what future challenges for global stability, global supply chain, and commodity markets.

Looking further into the future, Mr. Schenker will discuss how long-run trendlines in demographics, technology, AI, and sustainability reveal some critical risks, threats, and opportunities. Mr. Schenker will share actionable takeaways and winning strategies to help companies succeed in the current era of uncertainty and win in the decade ahead.

The Economic and Financial Outlook: Drivers of Opportunity and Pillars of Risk

This speech is customized for the client industry to include a discussion of how economic and financial market uncertainties impact the client industry. There are important risks and opportunities facing businesses. This talk includes critical strategic recommendations and actionable client takeaways and recommendations.

In this discussion, Jason Schenker will evaluate the war for talent and signals from the labor market. He will also discuss how high inflation and interest rates threaten growth and corporate profits. Mr. Schenker will also delve into the subject of Cold War Two®, the end of globalization, and associated supply chain risks.

Looking into the future of technology and work, Mr. Schenker will discuss several critical long-term trends in demographics and technology, including how ChatGPT and other AI technologies will be valuable and increasingly common. Mr. Schenker will also discuss key sustainability risks, threats, and opportunities. He will share actionable winning strategies for the current uncertain environment now and for the decade ahead.

Disruptions Ahead: Economic, Political, and Technological Outlook

This presentation includes a discussion of the economic and financial market risks in the years ahead. It will also include a discussion of the political dynamics in the election ahead, and how those risks will impact policy, the economy, and financial markets. There will also be a discussion of AI, sustainability and Cold War Two®. Finally, this presentation will include a discussion of some of the biggest coming disruptive trends - and it addresses the technology risks, challenges, and opportunities in the years ahead that attendees need to prepare for.

In this presentation, Jason Schenker, one of the world’s top economic and financial forecasters, shares his outlook for the economy, financial markets, and business. He also offers non-partisan analysis on the importance of Presidential and Congressional elections for financial markets and the economy. This presentation also includes forecasts of major global economies, focusing on the United States. There is also significant discussion of current and near-term Fed and foreign central bank policies, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, the dollar, oil prices, and precious metals prices. Hear market expectations and near-term forecasts from one of the most accurate forecasters in the world, according to Bloomberg News. The presentation will also discuss long-term trends and threats that will become increasingly important for future presidents.

This presentation includes topics covered in Jason Schenker’s best-selling books. Mr. Schenker will also address increasingly important long-term economic and financial market risks and challenges, including entitlements, AI, sustainability, and Cold War Two®.